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Convert Exchange to Zimbra Desktop Without Any Error

By: hermione.wheeler

The use of servers nowadays has gained popularity and most of the businesses rely on the servers whether it is a small business or a big organization. The types of servers which are used frequently are: web servers, mail servers & file servers. A web server allows the user to save web pages. A mail server on the other hand saves all the email accounts, receives & send email messages. The file servers can view files which can be stored on the system.

This post is about the two mail servers which are used mostly by the users and these are MS Exchange Server & Zimbra. Given below is my query which I faced after using MS Exchange Server.


I was using MS Exchange Server in my Windows Operating System. MS Exchange Server worked well for me and I was a loyal user of MS Exchange Server. After sometime my Exchange Server started giving me problems. It began with as I was not able to receive any mail & items in my Exchange account. I checked for all the problems that could cause this issue were: Outlook is offline, Outlook is not connected with the server which is running the MS Exchange Server, when the items from Exchange account are saved in the MS Outlook cache & if this cache becomes damaged, it would cause synchronization issues with MS Exchange Server.

I tried all the solutions for these problems but nothing worked. The only way left me with was to look for another email server.

Solution of my problem: - Convert Exchange to Zimbra

After my bad experience with MS Exchange Server, I got to know about Zimbra and there were many advantages of using Zimbra email server which are given as below:

1 - When you use Zimbra email server, you can easily goodbye to mismatching calendars plus the user does not have to save the backup of emails.

2 - It also confirms improved centralization as the user will maintain shared tasks & contacts.

3 - User can enjoy all the features of Zimbra for little monthly fees.

5 - The best thing about Zimbra is that it is locally archived which makes it possible for the user to retrieve contacts, calendars & emails whenever the user needs.

6 - It also allows the user to keep the shared mailboxes, so that anyone from the staff can access these mailboxes.

7 - The backend structure is managed capably, there is minimal chance that user will lose their data.

Now, as I had made my mind about using Zimbra, the next problem was how I would be able to Convert Exchange to Zimbra.

What are the ways to Migrate Exchange to Zimbra?

User can go with various methods for the conversion process. The most common conversion ways are described below:

1 - Manual way: This method can be long, complex and will take lot of time. The other disadvantage of this method is that user would be able to convert only single file at a time. I did not used this method for conversion as there is no manual process for converting Exchange to Zimbra plus this method is very risky.

2 - Freeware’s: Freeware’s also are able to the conversion but they are full bugs, spyware & viruses which makes them not a possible option for the conversion process. There are not many freeware’s which will provide Exchange to Zimbra migration.

3 - Converter: This is the best method I have tried and strongly recommend to all the users to only use converter as the converter as many advantages over these two methods.

Read More The Exchange to Zimbra Converter allowed me to Convert Exchange to Zimbra. All the files would get converted with the help of batch mode option. The formatting of the files would also be remained intact.

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