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Convert eM Client to Zimbra Desktop

By: hermione.wheeler

I have been using eM Client for a month now and there are so many eM client e-mail files that are stored in my computer which I want to convert in Zimbra and I Am not able to find the suitable software which can easily convert eM client e-mail format in Zimbra without any data loss. eM Client E-mail is one of the most popular e-mail client that helps the user for sending and receiving the mails, helps in managing the contacts, calendar, etc. It runs on windows platforms. User can easily exchange calendars, contacts, e-mails with different servers and services. User can import the data from multiple e-mail clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, MS Outlook and many more.

And Zimbra is Zimbra Collaboration Suite which consist of both e-mail server as well as web client. It include features like through AJAX user can share the document easily, authoring of document, group calendar etc. It also include open source mail client like Aspell, Jetty, Evolution etc. which helps in synchronizing the mail, contacts etc.

I was just keep on searching the software which can convert EML to TGZ format. Then I had a talk with my friend who suggest me to go with EML to Zimbra converter tool which can easily convert eM client e-mail to Zimbra without any data loss. I purchased the software and that helps me a lot in converting eM client e-mail to Zimbra. And I am using the software which satisfied me a lot. Even many applications of EML easily convertible to Zimbra with the help of the software.

Some features that provided by EML to Zimbra converter

1 - It provide Batch Conversion, that can convert the whole folder instead of selecting the file one by one

2 - The folder structure is maintained throughout the whole process

3 - There will be no data loss during the conversion.

4 - There will be no limitation of file size. The file can be of any size.

5 - It also provide rich text formatting, user can easily format mails according to its need

6 - Easily convert e-mails to TGZ format.

7 - Many EML file application can converted to Zimbra whether it is thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail etc.

8 - It also maintains formatting as well as metadata.

9 - Runs on all Windows OS platform.

10 - It supports all Zimbra desktop version. User can run the converted document in any Zimbra Web Client desktop version.

11 - Easy Process of conversion.

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Created on 7/22/15
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