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Scans your Address Book for birthdays and creates appointment reminders. With a single-click, you can scans your Address Books and display your contact birthday information. You can review and...

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This Zimlet allows users to preview and compare skins by opening multiple Zimbra Web Client instances, each with a different skin.

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Rootly News is a simple Zimlet that allows users to view current news headlines from within Zimbra, including the ability to customize the headlines by keyword or category. The news list replaces...

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By: rrao

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Searches the Amazon.com site for books based on the ISBN identifier. Double-click on Amazon Zimlet panel icon to display a search dialog. Type any search keyword and click search. The Amazon.com...

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By: rrao

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The Evite Zimlet integrates your Evite events into your Zimbra calendar. Right-click on the Evite panel icon and save your Evite login information (username and password). Then click Calendar...

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Dash of red & yellow.

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Under the Hood Features: Allows people to translate from 54 languages to 53 other languages (~2900 combination!). Automatically scales to 109 x108(~11,800 combination). Google continuously adds...

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Search for flight, hotel, and rental car reservations on several travel search engines, such as: SideStep.com, Travelocity.com, and Hotwire.com. There are several ways to use the Travel Agent...

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