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Plug-ins That Extend Zimbra Collaboration Suite

( 14 ratings )

This Zimlet parses postal addresses and displays Google(R) maps in the tooltip. Clicking on the address opens Google. It currently supports addresses for US, JA & most EU countries that...

Downloads: 14886 | Categories: Calendar, Mail

This extension determines language for spell check from the message.It installs text_cat and replaces the default aspell.php. When a user select spell check, aspell.php determines the language...

Downloads: 5456 | Categories: Mail, Translations, Utilities

( 2 ratings )

Features: Allows user to write mail in the selected local languages. Has support for 19 local languages including Indian languages and many more Supports both the Text and the HTML formats The...

Downloads: 3354 | Categories: Mail

This is a simple zimelet i put together to autologin to the ManageYourCall web interface. Nothing too crazy. I used a sample I created for another project   This zimlet should work with the...

Downloads: 1956 | Categories: Business, Telecom

( 1 ratings )

This zimlet allows user to automaticaly request a read receipt for each mail sent. Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portugues (Brazil), Russian, Spanish Works on ZCS 6+, 7+...

Downloads: 20782 | Categories: Mail

No ratings or reviews

Es una traducción al español del Zimlet "Email Templates" ------------------------------------ Las plantillas de email son muy útiles para los...

Downloads: 2241 | Categories: Mail

( 25 ratings )

Project for integration of received mails between Zimbra and SugarCRM. This zimlet allows to add a mail and their attachments into:...

Downloads: 19092 | Categories: CRM

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Halloween is just around the corner!

Downloads: 3420 | Categories: Fun

( 8 ratings )

This zimlet allows you to save locally on your PC, messages, folders or conversations. Just drag messages, a conversation or a folder on the zimlet's icon to get a compressed file containing the...

Downloads: 12952 | Categories: Mail, Utilities

Lot of companies want to force enable read receipt so that all the emails will ask for Read Receipts and get confirmation. At the same time, it also becomes annoying if employees have to manually...

Downloads: 5111 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

Add Smartsheet for online project management, simple sales pipeline management and other types of collaborative work management. Smartsheet features include: Flexible spreadsheet-like interface...

Downloads: 27375 | Categories: Business, Calendar, CRM, Organization, Web

( 3 ratings )

Attach Contacts Zimlet - Allows you to easily attach contacts in vCard(.vcf) format from Address Book to the mail being composed.   You can attach Contacts in two different places: In...

Downloads: 6821 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Contacts, Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 5 ratings )

This Zimlet give you the ability to embed a TimeSheet Next Gen into your Zimbra 6 Installation.

Downloads: 3362 | Categories: Business, Calendar

( 20 ratings )

Take back control of your Inbox!          Inbox Zero for Zimbra implements Merlin Mann's productivity process as a mail message toolbar. This zimlet lets you...

Downloads: 8183 | Categories: Mail, Organization, Utilities

( 20 ratings )

Undo Send Zimlet: Delays mail-send for few(upto 20) seconds. If you have sent an email and immediately thought you shouldn't have sent it or want to change something and want to quickly undo,...

Downloads: 15499 | Categories: Business, Mail, Web

( 6 ratings )

Automatically converts your company's blog posts into email-signature and helps dramatically improve quality and quantity of your blog's reach by democratizing it. As you know almost every...

Downloads: 3305 | Categories: Business, Commerce, Mail, Organization, Web

( 2 ratings )

This Zimlet Highlights the search text using Yellow background after a search. We think this is extremely helpful especially when we are dealing with emails with a large body.   It also...

Downloads: 4101 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization, Web

( 2 ratings )

A dark ZWC interface to go easy on the eyes. Help and logout links are on the left side; just to change things up a bit.

Downloads: 7617 | Categories: Fun

( 1 ratings )

A blue rendition of Zimbra's "Twilight" skin. Tested on ZD2b2

Downloads: 8414 | Categories: Fun

No ratings or reviews

A nice theme with active blue and orange colors

Downloads: 5435 | Categories: Fun