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Plug-ins That Extend Zimbra Collaboration Suite

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Block hyperlinks inside mail messages

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VNC AD Password is an extension for servers which enables its users to change passwords for the Active Directory directly from the Zimbra web client. VNC maintained the AD Password Zimlet and...

Downloads: 1995 | Categories: Business, Organization, Utilities

The VNC Odoo Zimbra Connector - Zimlet allows users to easily archive emails to Odoo (OpenERP).    The features: Easy to configure.  You can archive emails to Odoo (OpenERP)...

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The ZCS Package Management Core provides a generic dpkg/apt-based package management facility for deployment extensions within a Zimbra ZCS instance. It also provides a set of utilities for...

Downloads: 3075 | Categories: Developer Tools, Utilities

MDaemon is a mail server developed by Alt-N technology, it is windows based application with SSL/TLS/POP3 sync feature to access data from other email application, but what if you want to migrate...

Downloads: 728 | Categories: Utilities

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The StarXpert:Save Zimlet save emails or conversations onto the local drive, with or without attachments.     PLEASE NOTE : in order for the zimlet to work properly, you must follow...

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Description Who has never wished to have autocompletion on the cli of Zimbra ? This project is here to solve this problem and help the sysadmin life. Provides Autocompletion on...

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The VNCportal Zimlet allows users to store incoming email attachments from Zimbra to the VNCportal, archive any email message, and search and attach any VNCportal content right within...

Downloads: 2694 | Categories: Business, Organization, Photos and Files, Social

“Are you currently using Microsoft Outlook? But now want to use Zimbra Desktop and want previous Microsoft Outlook Mails into Zimbra Desktop.” When we talk about Microsoft Outlook and Zimbra...

Downloads: 1100 | Categories: Utilities

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If a mail is scanned by the anti-spam filter included with zimbra, this zimlet shows the spam score of that message below the message subject. It's based on the "X-Mailer" zimlet by rrao.

Downloads: 1864 | Categories: Developer Tools, Mail, Utilities

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Note: This Zimlet is now deprecated, please go to the new and up to date Zimlet - https://www.zimbra.org/extend/items/view/configurable-attachment-alert This Zimlet alerts you when sending a...

Downloads: 3957 | Categories: Business, Mail, Utilities

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This is a python library to easily access the Zimbra SOAP API programatically. For further informations consult the README-file.

Downloads: 799 | Categories: Utilities

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  This extension enables administrators to modify the current out of office information for a user without switching to his or her mailbox view. This basically incorporates the "Vacation"...

Downloads: 2009 | Categories: Business, Utilities

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This zimlet listens for the hotkey CTRL-SHIFT-G and pops up a date selection box. The user can either choose a date using a mini calendar or manually enter the date. After clicking OK, the...

Downloads: 3220 | Categories: Utilities

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Use the ProcessMaker Zimlet to connect Zimbra to ProcessMaker open source BPM software suite. Set up preferences (user, password, server, and workspace), and then start or open your ProcessMaker...

Downloads: 7096 | Categories: Business, Calendar, CRM, Developer Tools, Mail, Organization, Utilities, Web

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Mail Indexer is an archiving and search solution. It can store, index, search and retrieve your organization's email when you need to, and helps you make sense of information locked in emails and...

Downloads: 1389 | Categories: Business, Mail

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eSignature Gateway brings the convenience of electronic signing with DocuSign and RightSignature to email. eSignature Gateway extracts attached documents, subject and message body to...

Downloads: 1262 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Auto Disclaimer appends disclaimers to email messages and personalizes them to the sender based on information held in Active Directory or any LDAP-compliant server. It works with text and HTML...

Downloads: 1694 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

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Cloud Archiver transparently replaces attachments with secure download links and stores your organization's email and all attachments into the cloud. Its message stubbing technology works with all...

Downloads: 1157 | Categories: Business, Mail, Organization

I am using Zimbra web mailing but at the same time I am having nearly 25,000 + EML mails with me which are not supported by Zimbra. EML mails are the categories of mails that are supported by...

Downloads: 1173 | Categories: Utilities